How To Use the Hot Wire Foam Cutter and Foam Cutter Bow & Guide

How To Use the Hot Wire Foam Cutter and Foam Cutter Bow & Guide

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Hot Wire Foam Factory 4 foot bow cutter Unboxing!!

Woodland Scenics Foam Cutters (Hot Wire - ST1435 and Bow & Guide - ST1437)

Description Special nichrome wire retains an even temperature needed to cut SubTerrain® foam products. Use only with the Hot Wire Foam Cutter.

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Bow attachment adds versatility to the Hot Wire Foam Cutter Attach the Guide for precise angled cuts The Hot Wire Foam Cutter (model ST1435) has adjustable collars allowing for clean accurate cuts in foam. Consistent cuts 4 1/2 in. in making clean, precise cuts with no mess. Heats instantly. Recommended for use only with Woodland Scenics non-toxic foam products. Use only special nichrome replacement wire.

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