Hi, please help me out. I tried the Sulky Paper Solvy water

Hi, please help me out. I tried the Sulky Paper Solvy water

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10 Water-Soluble Stabilizer FAQs with Patti Lee - Sulky

10 Water-Soluble Stabilizer FAQs with Patti Lee - Sulky

SULKY-For use as a topper or backing, it has a soft, silky feel against the skin and behaves like fabric during embroidery. It is unaffected by heat from the sewing machine bed. It can be hooped alone and computerized embroidery can be done directly onto it. Can be used as a base for thread lace-making or scarves. Heavy weight. Color: white. Size: 20x36. 3-D applique, monogramming, quilting, edges, buttonholes, cut-work, etc. Non-toxic and acid free. Instructions included.

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